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Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia
19-23 September 2016


50 selected papers will be published in the Journal of Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

More information about journal please visit www.rees-journal.org


  • Abstract: Abstract should be one page A4, 400-500 words only, single spacing using Arial font -10. It should contain title, author/s names, full address & Email. Please specify one of the above topics. Include 4-keywords.
  • Paper: Single Column, single spacing, with tables, figures and photographs within the text. Use number for references. Leave double spacing after each heading or sub-heading. The paper should not exceed 7-pages.

All papers are peer reviewed and downloadable in the Congress website after the Congress.


  • 15 June 2016 : Abstract Susbmission Deadline
  • 15 July 2016 : Abstract Acceptance
  • 31 August 2016 : Full Paper Submission Deadline
  • Kindly please submit your abstract by email to secretariat@wrec2016indonesia.com

    15th World Renewable Energy Congress (15th WREC) in conjunction with 5th Indonesia Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Summit (5th IRES)
    Abstract Code First Name Last Name Abstract Title
    AB-001 D.H. Wood Wind Turbine Tip Loss and Performance Analysis
    AB-002 Amela Ajanovic The Current State of Alternative Fuels and Alternative Automotive Technologies in Passenger Car Transport
    AB-003 Kamaruzzaman Sopian Advances in Bifacial Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Solar Air Collectors
    AB-004 Martin Belusko Economic Potential of Solar PV with PCM Thermal Energy Storage for Large Scale Refrigeration
    AB-005 Peteris Shipkovs Effective Solar Energy Use in the High Latitudes
    AB-006 Matt Lewis Future directions for the tidal-stream energy industry and resource estimation
    AB-007 Mudit Vajpayee Electricity Generation Using Produced Brine from Active Oil & Gas Wells: Study in Kalol Field, North Cambay Basin, Gujarat
    AB-008 Salah Bezari Effects of solar radiation on the radiometric properties of materials for
    greenhouse (Comparative study: glass-plastic) 
    AB-009 Mathias Kimmling Development of a PV-powered thermoelectric partition for user-individual radiative cooling in office buildings
    AB-010 Reinhard Haas Heading towards sustainable electricity systems: How to integrate large shares of variable renewable energy sources
    AB-011 Kamila Romejko Impact of the shale gas revolution on a portfolio of Alternative Fuel Vehicles and water usage in Poland 
    AB-012 Muchsin Qadir Update on Hydropower Development in Indonesia
    AB-013 L.W. Wang Properties of compact expanded natural graphite treated with sulfuric acid and its application for solid sorption refrigeration and energy storage
    AB-014 Lala Andrianaivo Modeling the use of wind energy for pumping ground water in south Madagascar
    AB-015 Lala Andrianaivo Energetic valorization of household and slaughter-house wastes in Madagascar
    AB-016 Roberta Fornarelli The energy-water nexus: renewable energy and water desalination
    AB-017 Ganendra Dennis A Review of the Legal, Financial and Regulatory Aspects of Different Renewable Energy Sources for Power Generation in Malaysia
    AB-018 Netty Kamal Cropping Methane from Peat Soil and Peat Water with Batch Reactor Anaerobic Digestion
    AB-019 Michael Togneri Cross-validation of regional ocean model turbulence predictions and ADCP measurements
    AB-020 Ian Masters Prediction of energy yield from tidal stream turbine arrays using new turbine performance models 
    AB-021 Dilip Khatiwada Analyzing the lifecycle energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) balances of palm oil biodiesel production in Indonesia
    AB-022 Hedayat Omvidar  Iran's Strategy For Natural Gas
    AB-023 Fumi  Harahap The first decade of biofuel mandate in Indonesia: analysing the policy impacts
    AB-024 Gabriel  Ivan Thermal Systems For Comfort In Building With Low Energy Consumption
    AB-025 Maria Alexandra Ivan Innovation used as a method of raising the thermal performances for buildings
    AB-026 Ruxandra Crutescu Methods of creating sound quality comfort in building with low energy consumption
    AB-027 Valerio  Lo Brano Modelling of a solar assisted borehole thermal energy storage system for a non-residential building in Southern Italy
    AB-028 Seyed Ali  Ghoreishi-Madiseh An investigation into application of large scale seasonal thermal energy storage systems in mine ventilation
    AB-029 Rym  Chekrouni Building integration of PV/Thermal collector for space heating in Bou–Ismail 
    AB-030 Yoyok Hartoyo Detailed Surface Structural Mapping of Telomoyo Vulcanic Complex : A Key for Geothermal Exploration 
    AB-031 Mushthafa Dzulfiqar Rais Wind Farm Active Power Estimation for Participation in AGC Considering Wake Effects
    AB-032 Sarah Abdourraziq Optimum Design of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Application
    AB-033 Martin Anda Integrating renewable energy into urban built form: Monitoring techniques to enable simultaneous performance evaluation and feedback
    AB-034 David Goodfield Carbon footprint of a mine site village: a novel approach data collection and analysis to validate a new model
    AB-035 Omar Badran PV Station Design for Electrification of Engineering Faculty in Jordan
    AB-036 Omar Badran Experimental Study on Productivity of Different Designs of Solar Stills
    AB-037 Hassan Nfaoui How Can Morocco Achieves 52% of its Electricity From Renewable Energy in 2030
    AB-038 Hassan Nfaoui Identification of Maximum Power Production by Wind and Solar Systems based on Climatological  Data of South of Morocco
    AB-039 Iki Hidayat Natural State Modelling of Geothermal Reservoir at Kerinci Field Using Tough2 Simulator
    AB-040 Lourdes  Gutierrez Co-Alignment of Comfort and Energy Saving Objectives for U.S. Office Buildings and Restaurants
    AB-041 Siham Y. AlQaradawi Low-Temperature CO Oxidation Over CuO-TiO2­ Nanocatalysts 
    AB-042 Animesh Ranjan Simulation of Production Characteristics and Temperature Distribution of a Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Reservoir 
    AB-043 Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes Recent Development of Renewable Energy Policies and Markets
    AB-044 Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes The European Climate and Energy Framework 2030 – Impact on Renewable Energy development
    AB-045 Edvin Aldrian IPCC Renewable energy report and National Climate information support for renewable energy
    AB-046 Astrid    
    AB-047 Ignas  Herliyanto  
    AB-048 Eniya Dewi  
    AB-049 David Renne Significant and Growing Opportunities for Large-Scale Solar Technology Contributions to the World Energy Supply
    AB-050 Saki Yokohama Improving Renewable Energy Technology Diffusion in Indonesia: A Governmental Policy Approach
    AB-051 Mohd Basar Farriz Development of Z-Blade turbine for low head low flow pico hydro generation system
    AB-052 Mohd Basar Farriz Driving and hindering factors in developing pico-hydro technology in Malaysia
    AB-053 Reza Sukaraharja Dimethyl Ether as a Renewable Fuel and Green Energy
    AB-054 Manal Musytaqo The Analysis of Energy Requirements (Study Case Cilegon Industrial Area) 
    AB-055 I Gusti Agung  Hevy Julia Umbara Thermalina: Indonesian Geothermal Data, Information and Knowledge Management System
    AB-056 Reza Adiprana Kamojang Geothermal Power Plant Unit 1-2-3 Evaluation and Optimization Based on Exergy Analysis
    AB-057 Isworo Pujotomo Clean Coal Technology Using Dense Medium Cyclone and Magnetite
    AB-058 David Avila Evaluation of the Thermal and Visual Comfort: Strategies Bioclimatic in Office Buildings
    AB-059 Djati Wicaksono Sadewo Bamboo Gasification as a Green World Renewable Energy Model Project at Bangli District, Bali, Indonesia
    AB-060 Jean Christophe ALLO Feedbacks from Sabella D10 1 MW sea trials
    AB-061 Jifen Wang Study on the Phase Change Composite with Silica Particles
    AB-062 Silvia Arias Orozco Criteria and Indicators for the Development of Sustainable Tourist Sites
    AB-063 Muhammad Nizami Development of Material Balance and Energy Balance Equations for Two-Phase Geothermal Reservoirs
     AB-064 Manuel  Correia Guedes Bioclimatic Design of a School Building: a study in Nampula, Mozambique
    AB-065 Paul Burman Utilizing Private Sector Finance for Renewable Energy in Nigeria, A Case Study
    AB-066 Allam Khadija Experimental Analysis and design of an autonomous solar thermal desalination plant Integrated Membrane Distillation, the AquaSolar project (Benguerir-Morocco)
    AB-067 Erwin Susanto Sadirsan Case Study 10 years from 2005-2015 and How to Achieve 23% of RE in 2025 in Indonesia  using Interpretative Structural Model
    AB-068 Sergina  Loncle Empowering Indonesian Women to Expand Clean Energy Access in Last Mile Communities
    AB-069 Samuel Zulkhifly Sinaga Electricity Generation from Mature Hydrocarbon Fields – A Preliminary Economic Investigation for Application in Indonesia
    AB-070 Khanji Harijan Modelling and Forecasting the Diffusion of Grid Connected Solar PV Systems in Pakistan
    AB-071 Sitti  Nur Asnin Lesson Learned: Geothermal Heat Pump Application for Air Conditioning System in Tropical Land
    AB-072 Husam Abdulrasool Hasan Improve the performance of a parabolic trough solar collector by using SiO2 nanofluid
    AB-073 Yuki  Koyama Study of diagnostic method for PEMFC start-up
    AB-074 Sive  Sivandran POME in Indonesia  – An Environmental Hazard or a Valuable Renewable Energy Resource
    AB-076 Ruxandra Crutescu Innovative Architecture - Some Romanian Examples of Good Practice
    AB-079 Ana Victoria Rojas Beyond electricity generation: producing social, economic and environmental benefits
    AB-082 Muhammad Akbar Sihotang Technical, economic and environmental analysis of rooftop  and large-scale PV system in Makassar, Indonesia 
    AB-083 Shreya Agarwal Assessing the economic viability of replacing diesel with energy storage technologies for peak power  
    AB-084 Khadija Gourai Solar Photovoltaic Desalination Plants based on the Reverse Osmosis
    AB-085 Takeshi Takama Sustainability and Resilience of Bioenergy for Climate Change in Bali and East Java:
    Scoping and Envisioning
    AB-086 Martha Loleit REIDS: Systems & technologies for a sustainable & affordable energy access-for-all in Southeast Asia
    AB-087 Muhammad Riyo Hanafi Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Development: A Look to Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Potential
    AB-088 Lina J. Diguna Quantum Dots-Sensitized TiO2 Solar Cells
    AB-089 Alexey  Kabalinskiy APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook 6th Edition: High Renewables Scenario
    AB-090 Alifah Ratu Saelynda Two-Phase Flow: Evaluation of Void Fraction Correlations to Modeling Pressure Drop in Geothermal Wells
    AB-091 Ming Jun Huang Phase Change Materials Used for Renewable Energy Storage in Domestic Buildings
    AB-092 Bruno de Paiva y Raviolo Visualizing Thermal Comfort in Natural Ventilation Through CFD During  Architectural Design
    AB-093 Bayu Prabowo Application of Waste to Energy on a Higher Educational Institution: A Case Study of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya 
    AB-094 Lecoeuvre Brice Photovoltaic model for solar tracking
    AB-095 José Aderson  Araújo Passos Filho Computational Daylight Simulation and the Parameterization of Reflective Shields: A Case Study of Evolutionary Optimization Procedures in Order to Increase Energy Efficiency in an Experimental Building Near the Equator
    AB-096 Ngansom, W   Geothermal Exploration in Phang Nga, Southern Thailand
    AB-097 Canaletti Cristofari  EXEMPLE of upgrading existing building WITH DECARBONATED ENERGY SYSTEMS
    AB-098 Canaletti Cristofari  Issues of COP21 - Renewable energY, One of the ways to mitigate climate change world 
    AB-099 Edi Wiraguna Assessing plant growth of Reutealis trisperma (Kemiri Sunan) on degraded peat land affected by repeated fire
    AB-100 Jobit Parapat Geothermal Area Detection using Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing and Land Surface Temperature Measurement – A Case Study in Ngebel, East Java
    AB-101 Manuel Cocco Urban Low Carbon Development Strategy and Implementation Roadmap for the Special Economic Zone of Bitung, Indonesia
    AB-102 Djati  Wicaksono Sadewo Preliminary Studies of Geothermal System in Paguyangan Bumiayu Hot Spring Manifestation with Geophysic and Geological Method : Audio Magnetotelluric (AMT) and Field Interpretation
    AB-103 Andrew Kusiak Big Data in Renewable 
    AB-104 Gustavo Cantuaria Low Energy Building in the Extreme Cold
    AB-105 Sri Ratna Sulistiyanti Controlling of Thin Layer Drying Cabinet Of Stolephorus Sp. Based On Solar Energy
    AB-106 Emilie Flanagan POME to Biogas – An Environmental and Energy Opportunity
    AB-107 Benziada Mébrouk Hot Springs Northern Center of Algeria
    Hydrogeochemical and Therapeutic Aspects.
    AB-108 Holger Schneidewindt Brave New Energy World for Prosumers? Role of prosumers in digitized energy system is crucial for energy democracy
    AB-109 Matthias Schuck Innovative Geothermal and Desiccant Assisted Air Conditioning System
    AB-110 Zul Ilham Energy Biomass Leucaena leucocephala for Biofuel and Biocomposite Applications
    AB-111 Patricia Thornley Bioenergy for International Development
    AB-112 Jens Wolling Influence of national structural conditions on framing and reframing of renewable energies:
    An international comparison in 11 countries
    AB-113 Mira Rochyadi-Reetz Communicating Renewable Energy in Indonesia
    AB-114 Jaya Wahono Sustainable Electricity Generation with Bamboo as Biomass Feedstock in Rural Areas of Indonesia
    AB-115 Emma M. Imperial Solar Powered Low-Cost Mass Housing Communities 
    AB-116 Kamaruddin Abdullah Solar PV and Wind Energy Powered Water Desalination Plant
    AB-117 Ghanim Putrus Renewable energy integration and the role of energy storage in the context of the smart grid
    AB-118 Jamieson Craig Rice Straw: A Clean, Abundant Fuel For Rural Asia?
    AB-119 Patrick Horka Enhancing Foreign Direct Investments by Derisking Renewable Energy Projects in Developing Countries
    AB-120 Giuliano C.  Premier Bioenergy and resource recovery: Linking fermentation and bioelectrochemical systems
    AB-121 AE Adeleke Effect of thermodynamic properties of feed on the efficiency of distillation column during ethanol-water system distillation
    AB-122 Angele Reinders Opportunities for Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Indonesia