Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia
19-23 September 2016


Prof. Ali Sayigh

Director General of WREN

WREN is a worldwide network of organizations promoting environmentally safe and economically sustainable renewable energy (RE).

WREN has been established to support and enhance the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources, to further the communication and technical education and networking among scientists, engineers, technician and managers in the field of RE, climate change and global warming and to address itself to the energy needs of both developing and developed countries.

With the accelerated approach of the global climate change point-of-no- return , the need to address the pivotal role of RE in the formation of coping strategies is more crucial than ever.

Sustainability, green building, the development of large-scale RE application and industry must be at the top of all development, economic, financial and political agendas.

It is vital to focus on RE sources in combination with more efficient use of energy and this must be addressed in all future energy-related strategic decisions. Many efforts are still required to make RE a major energy supplier.

Knowledge of decision-making, economics, organizations, rules and regulations, policy issues, political processes and human actions and reaction is also crucial in energy-related issues in order to control these developments with the necessary conservation of energy resources and the environment without significant impact on the quality of life.

The sources and nature of energy, the security of supply and the equity of distribution, the environmental impact of its supply and utilization are all crucial matter to be addressed by suppliers, consumers, government, industry, academia and financial institutions.

The World Renewable Energy Congress (both WREC and WREN were establish in 1990), a major recognized forum for networking between these sectors, addressing these issues through regular meetings and exhibitions, bringing together representatives of all those involved in the supply, distribution, consumption and development of energy sources which are benign, sustainable, accessible and economic viable.

WREC enable policy makers, researchers, manufactures, economists, financiers, sociologists, environmentalists and others to present their views in Plenary and Technical Sessions and to participate in discussions, both formal and informal, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge between nations, institutes, disciplines and individuals.

In these missions, the Organizing Committee of WREC XIV 2016 would like to invite your participation and welcoming you in Jakarta, Indonesia on 19-23 September 2016.