in conjunction with
Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia
19-23 September 2016



GIZ Session Merak Room 1  
Session 1 - Volker Bromund  
Session 2 - Alberto Reyno  
Plenary Session 1  
AB049 - David Renne - Significant and Growing Opportunities for Large-Scale Solar Technology Contributions  
Plenary Session 2  
AB010 - Reinhard Haas - Heading towards sustainable electricity systems How to integrate large shares of variable renewable energy sources  
AB045 - Edvin Aldrian - IPCC Renewable energy report and National Climate information support for renewable energy  
AB142 - Harry Lehmann - Decarbonisation Cross Sectoral  
AB148 - Adiarso - Technological Innovation on Biomass Based Fuels  
Plenary Session 3  
AB044 - Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes -The European Climate and Energy Framework 2030 – Impact on Renewable Energy Development  
AB081 - Herman Darnel Ibrahim -World Geothermal Development.pdf  
AB120 - G C Premier - Bioenergy and resource recovery  
Dwi Soetjipto - Investing in Renewable Energy to Support National Energy Securtity    
Suki Atwal - Catalyzing iinvestment in Renewable Energy  
Breakout 1  
AB003 - Kamaruzzaman Sopian - Advances in Bifacial Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Solar Air Collectors
AB009 - Mathias-Kimmling - Thermoelectric partitions  for user-individual cooling  
Breakout 3  
AB033 - Martin Anda - Integrating Renewable Energy into Urban Built Form
AB054 - Manal Musytaqo - The Analysis of Energy Requirements  
AB103 - Andrew Kusiak -Big Data in Renewable Energy
AB108 - Holger Schneidewindt - Blockchain - Brave New Energy World for Prosumers
AB112 - Mira Rochyadi-Reetz - Framing of renewable energies an international comparison in 11 countries
AB116 - Ghanim Putrus - Renewable Energy Integration and the Role of Energy Storage
AB136 - Donald Swift Hook - Wind Power is The Last to Be Stored
Breakout 4  
AB066 - allam khadija - Experimental Analysis and design of an autonomous solar thermal desalination plant Integrated Membrane Distillation, the AquaSolar proje
AB082 - M. Akbar Sihotang - Technical, economic and environmental analysis of rooftop  and large-scale PV system in Makassar, Indonesia
AB084 - GOURAI Khadija - Solar Photovoltaic Desalination Plants based on the Reverse Osmosis
Breakout  6  
AB106 - Emilie Flanagan, Obi Partners - Palm Oil to Energy An Environmental and Energy Opportunity
AB110 - Zul Ilham - Energy Biomass Leucaena leucocephala for Biofuel and Biocomposite Applications
AB111 - Patricia Thornley - Bioenergy for International Development  
AB114 - Jaya Wahono - Powering the Archipelago
AB118 - Craig Jamieson - Rice Straw A Clean, Abundant Fuel For Southeast Asia
Breakout 7  
6 - LEVI model
AB016 - Martin Anda - The Energy-water Nexus Renewable Energy and Water Desalination
AB034 - David Goodfield - Carbon Footprint of a Mine Site Village A Novel Approach Data Collection and Analysis to Validate a New Model
AB073 - Yuki Koyama - Study of diagnostic method for PEMFC start-up
AB150 - Nugroho Adi Sasongko  - Strategic Framework of New and Renewable Energy for Transportation Sector in Indonesia and Japan
Breakout 9  
AB021- Dilip Khatiwada - Analyzing the Lifecycle Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Balances of Palm Oil Biodiesel Production in Indonesia
AB074 - Sive Sivandran - POME in Indonesia  – An Environmental Hazard or a Valuable Renewable Energy Resource
AB124 - Erwinsyah & Eka Nuryanto - Bioenergy from oil palm wastes potential, opportunity & prospect
IRES 3 21 Sep 2016  
IRES 3 - Erliza Hambali - Indonesia Bioenergy Sustainability Indicators
IRES 3 - Yandra Arkeman - Sustainability Indicators and Measurements in Indonesia
Plenary Session 4  
AB080 - Herliyani Suharta - The Nature of Indonesia Weather Related to Unpredicted Weather Anomaly in 2013  
AB140- John Boland - Forecasting and Resource Assessment for Solar Installations    
Rinaldy Dalimi - Achieving RE Targets of National Energy Policy 0 2050  
IRES 4 - BANDA ACEH - RE in Banda Aceh  
IRES 4 - Frans Lebu Raya - Planning and Development of The Renewable Energy in East Nusa Tenggar Province
IRES 4 - Marlon Ivanhoe - Utilization Palm Oil Mill Waste for Electricity in East Kalimantan
IRES 4 - North Sulawesi, Arrie Setiawan - Low Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Phase 5, Feasibility Study Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Bitung
IRES 4 - Oswar M. Mungkasa - Green City, Low Energy Building, Climate Change and Global Warming
IRES 4 - West Sumba - Energi Baru Terbarukan di Tanah Marapu, Sumba Barat
Breakout Session 10  
AB092 - Bruno Raviolo - Visualizing Thermal Comfort in Natural Vintilation Through CFD During Architectural Design
AB095 - Jose Aderson  Computational Daylight Simulation and the Parameterization of Reflective Shields A Case Study
AB115 - Emma M. Imperial - Solar Powered Low-Cost Mass Housing Communities
Breakout 12  
AB017 - Dennis Ganendra - Renewable Energy Sources, Malaysia Getting to the Facts
AB023- Fumi Harahap - Implications of Crude Palm Oil and Diesel on The Proposed Subsidy Scheme for Biodiesel in Indonesia
AB043- Rainer Hinrich-Rahlwes -  Recent Development of Renewable Energy Policies and Markets
AB083- Shreya Agarwal - Energy Storage Systems for Peak Power Support for Utility in Indian Context
AB089 - Alexey Kabalinskiy - APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook
AB119 - Patrick Horka & Fracesco Trachsel - Enhancing Foreign Direct Investments (FDIS) by Derisking Renewable Energy Projects in DevelopingCountry
Breakout 13  
AB002 - Amela Ajanovic - The Current State of Alternative Fuels and Alternative Automotive Technologies in Passenger Car Transport
Breakout 15      
AB065 - Paul Burman - Utilizing Private Sector Finance for Renewable Energy in Nigeria, A Case Study
AB067 - Erwin S. Sadirsan - Case Study 10 years from 2005-2015 and How to Achieve 23% of RE in 2025 in Indonesia  using Interpretative Structural M
BPPT_Properties, Blending dan Handling Biodiesel dan B-XX
Breakout 16      
AB055 - Hevy Julia Umbara - Thermalina Indonesian Geothermal Data-Information-Knowledge Management System
AB069 - Samuel Z. Sinaga - Electricity Generation from Mature Hydrocarbon Field
AB090 - Alifah Ratu Saelynda - Two-Phase Flow Evaluation of Void Fraction Correlations to Modeling Pressure Drop in Geothermal Wells
Breakout 17      
AB122 - Angele Reinders - Opportunities for Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Indonesia
Breakout 18      
IRRI - CRAIG Jamieson - Rice Straw A Clean, Abundant Fuel for Southeast Asia Part2
IRRI - Sanjeev - Intergrated Agri Business Model
IRRI - Tran Sy Nam - Farm Scale Biogas Production from Rice Straw
IRRI - Vikram - Farmer Centric Business Mdoel For Collection of Crop Residues, Ash to Opportunity
Plenary Session 5      
AB001 - DH Wood - Wind Turbine Tip Loss and Performance Analysis
AB133 - Kai ZHANG - Co-Combustion of Energy Grass & Coal
Plenary 6  
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources - Luhut Binsar Panjaitan by Rida Mulyana - Recent Policies to Accelerate NREEC Development
Ministry of Finance - Sri Mulyani Indrawati - Fiscal Policy for Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation
Plenary 7  
AFD - Bruno Bosle - Development of marines energies & financing challenges in Indonesia
Ambassador of Denmark - Casper Klynge - Focusing on Wind and Clearing House
GGGI - 2016-09-16 WREC Energy Presentation Final
Plenary 8  
BKPM - Tamba P. Hutapea - Update Indonesia Investment Policies  
Ministry of Education - Muhammad Dimyati - The Role of STI (R&D) to Improve National Capability on Renewable Energy Development
Ministry of Industry - Haris Munandar N - Industrial Development for Renewable Energy & Energy Effciency to Meet Domestic Demand
Ministry of Village - Suprayoga Hadi - Renewble Energy Development to Increase Ratio of Electrification in Rural, Disadvantaged, and Border Regions in Indonesia
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