Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia
19-23 September 2016


Prof. Riki Ibrahim

Organizing Committee

One of the few The Jakarta Symphony's young violinists who steps into Indonesia's renewable energy and petrochemical sector activism is Riki Firmandha Ibrahim, He has accumulated a broad and extended, more than 35-year professional experiences in Energy sector: Engineering, Management, Business Development and Consulting, including: 27 years of career up-stream and down-stream operation experiences for major international oil, gas, and energy company (Amoseas Indonesia) and buildup of 10 years work experience in independent consultants for valuable worldwide programs.

Orchestra violinists and Indonesia's renewable energy advocates share the same thing: supporting other roles for an ultimate goals. The Jakarta Symphony's young violinist Riki F. Ibrahim is who global switching off movement does not sit in his dictionary. Working towards The Holly Prays, currently he works as a director for Ministry of Finance qq. PT Perusahaan Penyehatan Aset (Persero) under the restructuring of PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries, a commission of the Government of Indonesia regarding Grup Tirtamas’s debt restructuring. PT. Tuban Petrochemical Industries (TubanPetro) is the holding company for one of the key petrochemical business groups in Indonesia and its core business is delivered through its subsidiaries: PT. Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI), PT. Polytama Propindo (Polytama), and PT. Petro Oxo Nusantara (PON).

To him, inputs and recommendations have no meaning without actions to achieve the most relevant, real-time solutions. He was one of few players of the sector to realize Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Indonesia through geothermal project. Amoseas Indonesia Inc. furthermore was the first to accelerate renewable energy industry via its geothermal projects, known for its low CO2 compared to other resources.

His professional life revolves around energy business in oil, gas, geothermal and electric power across local and multinational corporations, with a focus in exploration, utilization and trading. PT. JESPRA, Total Indonesia, Unocal, Amoseas Indonesia Inc. (a Chevron Corp. and Texaco Inc. joint venture) and Pacific Oil & Gas are just a few companies he was working at.

In 2011, he was appointed to serve as a jury member of Penghargaan Energi of MEMR (under Minister of Energy - Dr. Darwin Zahedy Saleh). My commitment to Indonesia’s energy sector extends to active participation in Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA), Indonesia Electricity Society (MKI), Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (METI), as well as Geothermal Association (INAGA/API).