Jakarta Convention Center Indonesia
19-23 September 2016


This global scale congress which discuss various strategic aspects for development and utilization of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation has been held every two years in various countries in the world since 30 years ago.

Carrying the theme of “Sustainable Energy for All and All for Sustainable Energy”, this international event will address the latest research and technology, government policies, business models/best practices, and innovations in all area of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the world. This four days event will be attended and participated by International and national stakeholders, including academics, researchers, business executives, government officials, international donors and civil society organizations.

Solar & Wind Energy System

Presentation and discussing the up to date solar energy technology development, both Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Applications, various countries in the world since 30 years ago.

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Hydropower & Ocean Energy System

Presentation and exchange information on the sustainability issues of large hydro power, innovative financing for mass production by local industry, water resources

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Renewable Energy Integration: Smart Grid and Storage

Exchange information on CO2 Storage Mapping and the latest information about Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) case studies progress. The goal is to...

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Indonesia Renewable Energy Development

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Bio Energy System

Discussing an innovation approaches for new generation of bio-fuels production. Exchange information on recent programs on sustainable planting on energy tree in various...

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Geothermal Energy System

Present the research, developments and the utilizations of geothermal resources. Exchange information, among the geothermal specialists, the business community, governmental

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Energy Efficiency, Conservation System and Low Energy Building

Architecture is a symbol of human achievement and innovation, and a vestige of humanity that shape many cities today, such as Istanbul, Chicago, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, New Delhi, Jakarta etc....

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Sustainable Transportation System

This session features the latest fuel cell and hydrogen technology development, commercialization strategies for the product, networking with industry representatives, customers, stakeholders and..

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Energy Meteorology and Climate Change

In this session scientists, engineers, economists, policy makers, and other specialists and practitioners involved in research and implemented activities at the intersection between...

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